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Getting Paid
Should be Simple.

Customize our solutions to fit your business needs. Make it simple for consumers to make one-time payments without logging in, or allow them to set up recurring payments by signing up for an account.

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Offer Options

Let your consumers choose the payment method that's best for them, so you can collect more payments on time.

Build Trust

Streamline the entire customer experience on and offline through your own branded payment gateway.

Customize Costs

Share service fees with consumers to keep your cost at a minimum, or pass them along at no cost to your business.

Stay Current

Access transaction details that can be formatted on demand to meet any reporting need. Upload files or let us pull real-time data from your back-office.

Get paid the
way you want.

Offer any combination of our easy-to-access services to consumers and get paid faster.

Online Payments

Consumers conveniently make secure electronic payments by submitting one time or recurring payments by credit card, debit card and eCheck on your company's web site, with no labor costs. Our Quick Pay portal lets consumers make one time payments without creating an account or saving their information. Signing in allows consumers to create a profile that saves their financial information for simple future payments. Consumers define their payment schedule or set it to be auto-drafted by the payment due date. By signing in, you’re able to access detailed billing information.

  • Billing data import options

  • Branded payment portals

  • Payment histories & email receipts

  • Keep all your accounts under one login

  • PCI-DSS compliant & tokenized secure vault

Telephone Payments

The ability to accept a payment from a consumer over the phone is essential for many businesses. Our virtual terminal provides any employee with the ability to process a one-time payment, setup a recurring payment or enroll a customer in automatic payments that sync with your billing requirements and payment schedules. A pre-defined dynamic script will be displayed for the agent to read, ensuring your customer is notified according to payment guideline standards. You may also add customized script language specific to your business.

  • Web based and completely secure

  • One-time, recurring and scheduled payments

  • Customizable dynamic scripting

  • Stand alone or fully integrated

Interactive Voice

Using the latest voice command technology our intelligent IVR agent dynamically adapts to your consumer conversations in real-time to make payments as simple as possible. Our IVR system’s sophisticated memory has the capacity to recognize callers, recall facts from previous conversations to inform current commands, and allow your consumer to set future or variable payment schedules via checking account or credit/debit card.

  • PCI-DSS Tier 1 certified and HIPAA compliant

  • Increase number of completed transactions

  • English and Spanish capable

  • Payment negotiator

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Point of Sale

Our encrypted card reader simply plugs into any USB port on any computer. No additional configuration is needed and because we use a secure web-based system, no card information is ever stored at the computer or on your system. All the customer data you receive is in real-time from Pay N Seconds servers. It’s as simple as swiping the consumer's card and printing or emailing a receipt.

  • Consumer pay option

  • Cloud-based virtual terminal

  • PCI-DSS compliant

  • Low cost for hardware


Send a branded electronic invoice to your consumers with their balance due. Our system lets you send automated past-due invoices based on predefined intelligence with itemized bill details. A secure link provided in your emails directs consumers to their online account. A toll free number also allows consumers to instantly connect and make payments with our intelligent IVR system.

  • Deliver invoices immediately

  • Reduce labor and mailing expenses

  • PCI-DSS compliant

  • Branded and customizable

  • Billing data import options

Text Payments

Businesses can send bills and receive payment instantly through a text message. It’s a secure, cloud-based billing platform that enables any direct-billing organization to provide their customers with instant, automated alerts and on-demand payment authorization through texting. Your customers can opt-in through our existing online payment portal, IVR or over the phone with a customer support representative.

  • No app or login required

  • Check account balances and due dates

  • Send bill and appointment reminders

  • Authorize payments instantly

  • PCI-DSS compliant & tokenized secure vault

Benefits & Features

Access up to date billing information and easily pay bills online, via text message, or over the phone, 24/7. Pick the best method for you or even pay in person.
Receive bill notifications and reminders on your device.
Easily set up recurring payments.
Secure transactions guaranteed, all major credit cards and eChecks accepted.
User-friendly, "smart" technology makes for easy transactions.
Convenient, can be done anywhere, any time.
API easily integrates with clients' existing software applications to process payments as a batch file or live transactions.
View aggregated payment data from every single payment source on one dashboard.
Fully personalize and monitor the data most important to your company.
Reconcile any time - no more waiting on bank statements.
Fully branded platform customized to reflect the look and feel of your website.

Alleviate your payment
processing pain points.

Each of our solutions is highly customizable based on your company's industry-specific needs.


We take the politics out of payment processing. Whether you run a local municipality or one of our nation’s largest cities, everyone is looking for the best hassle free, most affordable options to receive payment from consumers.

Payment reminders and multiple payment channels not only improve your effectiveness as an operator, it also builds loyalty and trust with your customers. The days of going to the post office and picking up a bundle of checks to deposit at your bank are dwindling away. Generation X doesn’t write checks, always has a computer, or mobile phone available at any time. Studies have shown that most individuals prefer to use these devices to send and receive communications. When given the opportunity the majority also prefer to use those same devices in order to make a payment at their convenience. Let us help you provide your customers a simple solution that includes multiple options for them when making a payment.


Let’s face it, you are servicing an increasing amount of customers more than you are actually staffed to handle. It’s the infamous, do more with less motto. Our payment services provide multiple options for customers to make payments, access up to date account information and provide more self-service options. By eliminating manual processes through automation we allow you to accept payments with less human involvement.

Immediately you will see the advantages off less walk-in traffic, human errors, wasted time manually posting payments and answering customer service calls. These can now be handled by the customer. Reduce late payments and cut offs with our customer email and text (SMS) notification services. To top it off, we make reconciling payments simple and seamless by providing you accurate information in the format you require.


We’ve all heard the phrase, education is expensive. Guess what? We’ve heard the same thing about payment processing. Just like running a successful school district or university it takes a lot of forethought and effort to build the perfect payment processing system. Very few people carry adequate cash and most young adults don’t even have a checkbook. Where will we be in the next 15 years when these young adults today are the parents?

Everyone likes options and the majority of individuals are willing to pay for the convenience associated with hassle-free faster payments. We will work with your school to create the right balance for each of our payment services. Can we pass all of the payment processing costs to the student or parent when they make a payment to your school? Should we split the processing cost between you and the person making the payment? Let’s talk about which option will work best for your needs in order to get you ready for tomorrow and beyond.


Medical billing and the entire revenue cycle management process is one of the most important parts of running a successful Healthcare operation. In a perfect world, everyone would have the same insurance, all co-pays would be only twenty-five dollars and your need to invoice the patient would not be necessary due to the fact that the insurance company always paid the remaining balance regardless of how the treatment was coded. It’s our job to make patient payments easy not only for you but as well as the patient.

Our unique ability to sync our payment services with your back-office database allows us to provide patients with real-time account balances on the web, over the phone through our interactive voice response (IVR) system or even via a text (SMS) message. Another benefit of this setup is now being able to automate tasks that before were only able to be completed manually. Now your organization can run more efficiently while recovering money owed to you faster and at a higher collection rate. Times are changing, the needs of your patients are continually changing and we would like to help you adapt to these changes throughout time.


Actuaries do their best to uncover every possible scenario while the agents work hard to push as many apps as possible to the underwriters. There will always be a unique ebb-and-flow between these departments. It’s our job to help you balance your company’s needs along with the needs of your customers by providing you with a fast, secure and easy to use solution for payments made to your business.

Your customers’ expectations and needs have changed throughout the years. Every agent out in the field should have the ability to accept an eCheck or a credit card for an initial payment on a policy. In addition, you should be able to send your customers account statements and invoices via email or text (SMS). In return, your customers should be able to make a payment through the same manor they received notification. Reach out to us so that we can have a conversation about your payment processing needs, the costs associated and where you need to be positioned for the future.

Consumer Finance

It’s one of the oldest professions anywhere, lending money. Unfortunately, the federal Government wants to make it harder for you to do business. We can’t help you with the bureaucracy but we can help you collect on payments more efficiently. Your consumers expect it, your employees want it and it simply just makes sense.

What if, your payment provider could send your customer a payment reminder via text or email? What if, your customers could easily view their up to date balances and historical payment information directly on their cell phone or computer? What if, you were able to easily accept a payment over the phone from someone who is past due or just looking to make a payment? It’s time to stop imagining a simple, affordable all in one payment service and start experiencing all of the benefits that our payment processing services have to offer. Call us today to discuss your unique payment processing needs and let us customize the perfect solution that will continually make your business more profitable.


For most of us it’s human nature to want to help others. It starts with an idea and a vision but no one ever tells you how hard it would be. Overcoming the regulatory hurdles while balancing funding is a very tricky slope that every nonprofit faces. We would like to help by improving your payment acceptance process and supply you with a service that allows payment to be made to you through multiple payment channels.

When people feel compelled to give the process should be as easy as possible for them. One of the worse things you can do be limited on the ways a person can give to your organization. With Pay N Seconds we offer every possible payment option available. We make it fast and simple for someone to setup recurring payments helping you to better forecast you’re funding. We look forward to learning more about your needs and helping to build the right payment solution for your organization.

Accounts Receivable

If it was only as easy as just sending your customer a statement and they immediately send you a check back. We realize it’s not that easy and if it was the clients you are working for would not have outsourced their receivables to you. So let’s work together putting the right services in the rights places to help your staff do their job better.

When processing large volumes of payments the more you can do with automation the more efficient you will become. Ensuring that your customers can submit payments to you every second of every day without human intervention is where we shine. Most people prefer to avoid human intervention and self-pay. Text payment, IVR and our online billing systems give them exactly what they are looking for. Reach out and we’ll work with you to share processing cost with the consumer where and when possible which will lessen the cost burden for your business.

At the state or local level, improve efficiency in your organization and get paid faster.

Reduce late payments and cut offs by automating your entire payment reconciliation process.

Offer patients real-time account balances online and automate tasks that were previously only done manually.

Convenient, remote payment options allows your institution to collect bills and tuition easily.

Accounts stay up to date with the payment solutions that fit your business' and consumers' needs.

Streamline collection of payments and let customers easily view historical account information.

Improve your organization’s payment acceptance process so you never miss out on a donation.

Ensure customers can submit payments every second of every day with our automated solutions.